Human Body

  • Brain - The Human Calculator

    Are our brains faster than a calculator? In fact, scientists are only beginning to understand how amazingly powerful and complicated the human brain really is. Although the typical human brain weighs only 3 pounds and consists of 75% water and feels like tofu, the brain is said to be more complex and more powerful than the largest supercomputer. In this video, we meet Scott Flansburg, the"human calculator" who has managed to harness so much of his brain so that he's able to calculate faster than a computer!

  • Tallest Man in the World

    What makes us grow? What affects our height? Is it the food we eat? Or does it depend on our parents and our genes? Maybe taking part in lots of sports activities (like basketball!) makes us grow taller? Actually, scientists have discovered that about 60 to 80 percent of the difference in height between people, is determined by our genes. 20 to 40 percent depends on our environment, mainly the food that we eat.

    Now, let's meet the tallest man in the world. His bed is 2.6 meters long. How tall do you think he is?

  • Super Lungs

    We breathe air in and out of the lungs. Breathing allows oxygen to enter into our bodies through our lungs. It also removes carbon dioxide and water vapor, which is produced by our bodies. We need to breath regularly or there won't be enough oxygen in our bodies. Hold your breath for too long, and you might faint due to lack of oxygen. How long can you hold your breath underwater? Studies show that most people can hold their breath for around 1 minute. Experienced divers might be able to hold their breath for 2 minutes. Now, let's meet Herbert Nitsch, a world champion free driver.

  • Underwater Vision

    Our brain is amazingly adaptable. For the Moken children, this adaptation comes naturally because of the environment in which they live. The Moken tribe is made up of about 3000 people and they live on the islands in the Andaman Sea, off the west coast of Thailand. They are nomadic (meaning that they move around a lot, never staying in one place for too long). This video shows us how these Moken kids have "super" vision underwater.