Super Lungs

We breathe air in and out of the lungs. Breathing allows oxygen to enter into our bodies through our lungs. It also removes carbon dioxide and water vapor, which is produced by our bodies. We need to breath regularly or there won't be enough oxygen in our bodies. Hold your breath for too long, and you might faint due to lack of oxygen. How long can you hold your breath underwater? Studies show that most people can hold their breath for around 1 minute. Experienced divers might be able to hold their breath for 2 minutes. Now, let's meet Herbert Nitsch, a world champion free driver. He has managed to train himself to hold his breath underwater for a whopping 9 minutes! He swims underwater without any diving gear, as free as a fish. And then there's Guinness World Record holder, a Danish man called Stig Severinsen who can hold his breath for 22 minutes! How is this even possible? Watch the videos to find out more.

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